Preventive Pest Control in Food

Production and also packaging of food is a highly competitive sector with rigorous quality and criteria of health. In this environment, the danger of contamination and cross-contamination of food due to pest issues unacceptable.

Wausau Pest Control’s positive service for insect control is well suited for food producers. This is so that parasites will not cause any kind of unfavorable consequences for you and also your customers or your firm’s good name as well as reputation.

The solution program we put together is distinct just for your plant and also the activities you engaged. We offer special consideration to the particular pest risks are related to the kinds of cooking is performed, from resources to finished item.

We supply the necessary safety nets to reduce the threat of pest infestations, treatment with toxic methods where needed and effective parasite control that manages to get past the external protection. Wausau Pest Control’s pest management digital discovery approaches make it possible to find insects at a beginning and deploy appropriate countermeasures.

Our pest experts will certainly function carefully with you to develop a reliable security and also advise on techniques and methods that will help you decrease the risk of bugs entering into the residential or commercial property and becomes a trouble.


Author: Wausau Pest Control

Wausau Pest Control is a family owned and operated company that has been servicing Wausau, Wisconsin and surrounding areas since 1989. The owner of Wausau Pest Control is Stephen Hanson, one of the four sons of Jerry and Edwina Hanson, the founders of Prompt Action Pest Control, our parent company. We are also experts at all types of rodent control, including humane bat removal.

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